How is Cleanfox safe?

Get rid of useless Emails in minutes with Cleanfox
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Cleanfox is safe, it ensures the best privacy for their users.

Cleanfox is a free mobile & web app that clean your email box thanks to a scan. Then, Cleanfox shows all unwanted emails that you’ve received. You can choose to delete and unsubscribe from unwanted emails such as spams, newsletters or commercials.

How to use it ?

You have to connect your email account. Then you can scan your email. You’ll see a list of all the senders in your inbox, the number of emails received and the open rate for each.

For each of your newsletters, you can choose to :

  1. Keep your subscription & old emails
  2. Keep your subscription & delete your old emails
  3. Unsubscribe & delete your old emails

It easy to use so you won’t waste your time by looking every email you’ve received.

It respects the GDPR at 100%

The GDPR is a major European regulation. It improves people’s confidentiality rights by defining security requirements to protect personal data. We want the best for our users and we ensure that none of your personal data is commercialized. Our technology guarantees your anonymity and respects your privacy. To be honest, we’re totally transparent about it. It is quite simple : we use anonymous datas that come from anonymous orders confirmation to publish statistics on the e-commerce and the digital pollution.

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Scan the QR code with your mobile to get rid of useless emails.

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Get rid of useless emails and spam in minutes with Cleanfox.

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