10 Scary Facts On The Carbon Footprint Of The Internet

Stop everything! The Internet has a real impact on the environment.

Internet & Pollution? The Carbon footprint Of The Internet? You have probably never heard of it yet but it is responsible for a large part of the CO2 emissions of the planet. You’ve probably been taught never to leave the light on when you were little. But have you ever been taught to delete emails you do not need anymore to save energy? Probably not! And yet removing 30 emails is equivalent to saving 24 hours of consumption of a light bulb!

Do not underestimate the pollution caused by Internet:

    1. 10%: percentage of electricity consumed by data centers in France. A data center is a physical place where the servers are stored.
    2. 2019: the year when the Net will pollute more than civil aviation.
    3. 2%: percentage of CO2 emissions due to the Internet. In four years this figure should double.
    4. 7g: CO2 emission produced by a Google search
    5. 30 emails deleted: this equals the consumption of a lighted bulb for 24 hours.
    6. 80%: percentage of emails never opened.
    7. 33: Number of emails sent on average per day by an employee of a company (less than 100 people) in France. That is the equivalent in CO2 emissions of 1,000 km traveled by car.
    8. 19 g: CO2 emission of an email with an attachment of 1 megabyte.
    9. 10 billion: number of emails sent every hour. The equivalent of 4,000 tonnes of oil or the production of 15 nuclear power plants in one hour
    10. 126,813,600,000: number of bottles of one liter of CO2 emitted per hour because of emails.

Fortunately, simple actions exist to fight against the ecological impact of the Internet. In 2015, Greenpeace published a report entitled ” Clicking Clean ” which presents the initiatives and actions to adopt to make the Internet less polluting and try to reduce the CO2 emissions it generates.

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