Achieve productivity with a streamlined mailbox

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Is your mailbox usually flooded by emails? The hundreds of notifications received hinder you when trying to concentrate on your tasks? Follow our tips in order to better manage your mailbox and also avoid being distracted by cumbersome emails.

The advantages of a streamlined mailbox

 A bad mailbox management creates pollution for the brain, affects concentration and productivity. Furthermore, you will be tempted to consult your unread emails. This in turn represents a huge time waste and can even create stress. Hence, a streamlined mailbox is synonymous with time gains.

When your mailbox is organized, you gain storage space and optimize your device functions. It will be faster when starting and the pages can load better.

Another advantage related to streamlined mailboxes is the reduction of your carbon footprint. Indeed, sending and receiving emails is very energy consuming and has a big impact on the environment. Cleaning your mailbox then represents an ecological gesture. Finally, it is essential to opt for the Inbox Zero method in order to keep control of your mailbox for all the reasons previously stated.

How can you streamline your mailbox?

To obtain a streamlined mailbox, you need to set intervals to manage it. Take some time to read your emails and treat them by order of priority. Furthermore, you must be organized to perform your tasks in tranquility.

Sort your emails in folders or tags instead of grouping them by theme. If necessary, you should print the important emails, the essential is to have zero unread emails. Moreover, you should proceed to a regular cleaning of your mailbox. Delete the unopened newsletters and unsubscribe. The ideal would be to only subscribe to interesting newsletters and not share your email address on forums and group discussions. This will contribute to reducing your number of emails received and particularly the advertising emails.

Always trying to receive as few messages as possible, you should reduce the number of emails sent. Spams and deleted emails that are kept in the trash are sometimes counter productive, just like the old emails that do not need to be handled anymore. Therefore, you must delete them to streamline your mailbox.


Gain time and productivity with Cleanfox

Cleanfox is a free software specially built to streamline mailboxes in complete security. The software was developed by the Foxintelligence Startup and respects the GRDP. Your private data are safe since Foxintelligence guarantees that all your data will never be used to commercial ends. Then, you will not be the target of other companies when using the services of Cleanfox.

This tool helps you gain productivity by efficiently cleaning your mailbox. It is also a real time gain because the emails can be easily handled in a single click. The software sorts your messages based on the sender once you have linked Cleanfox to your mailbox.

Afterwards, three options are available:

  1. Do not do anything
  2. Delete the old emails while keeping your subscription
  3. Unsubscribe and delete your emails

The deleted emails are directly moved to your mailbox trash. Therefore, you can easily retrieve them if your ever make a mistake.

Remove distractions!

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