How can you create an SFR email address ?

It is not always easy to choose a good messaging service. SFR Mail presents numerous advantages, especially the respect of your privacy which is an essential advantage for professionals. To optimise the capacity of your SFR mailbox, you need to regularly clean it. Also, you can do this manually or thanks to an intelligent software like Cleanfox.

Why create an SFR email address?

Just like almost every messaging service out there, creating an SFR email address is completely free. The mailbox offered by SFR has a storage capacity of 5GB and you can increase it to 10GB if necessary.

With the SFR Mail service, you can create specificate folders to better manage your emails. You can for example classify them by friends, family, work, etc. Also, you can access your SFR account from any web browser and from a telephone application.

SFR also gives you the possibility to use an alias to hide your email address. If you need help, you can talk to a responsible team via the contact page.

Moreover, the SFR webmail automatically uses digital versions of protocols to optimize the security of your exchanges and personal data.

Connect to SFR

Configuring your SFR mailbox helps you organize our emails and optimise their security which in turn increases your productivity and makes you gain time. You need to indicate to your messaging software all the email addresses of SFR email services, one for sending and one for receiving, and that is valid for all email addresses,, and

Afterwards, you must choose between the different parameters such as the protocol and the encryption used. You can use digital versions of SMTP, POP and IMAP protocols in order to reduce the risks of password theft. Finally, the encrypted version (SSL/ TLS) also allows you to insure the confidentiality of your exchanges.

Automatically clean your emails with Cleanfox

It is possible to manually clean your SFR mailbox but it is very time consuming and requires a high level of focus. You can sort the messages and regroup them.

The ideal solution to quickly and efficiently clean your SFR messaging is to use Cleanfox, a free software available on any device. This application is easy to use. Link it to your mailbox to clean it. The tool enables you to delete spam and emails you do not read. Also, Cleanfox helps you permanently unsubscribe from these invading newsletters.

Once your mailbox is linked with Cleanfox, the software does a quick scan of the entirety of your mails based on the senders. You are then offered the possibility to delete them, unsubscribe or keep them.

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click