How can I connect to or mailbox?

Hotmail is a free messaging service launched in 1995, which was acquired by Microsoft two years later. In the early 2000s, Hotmail was one of the most popular webmails. In 2012, Hotmail was replaced by Outlook to improve the user experience. To properly manage your messages on Hotmail/Outlook, clean your mailbox regularly using the Cleanfox software. In the meantime, here’s how to connect to or addresses.

What are the differences between and

To create a Hotmail account in United Kingdom, you can use or There is not much difference between the two. Moreover, all Hotmail addresses can be converted to Outlook since the Webmail has changed its name. But it is also possible to keep your old Hotmail account while enjoying Outlook features. However, a new user can only create an account.

Both and allow you to send and receive messages for free. The storage is almost unlimited. With Outlook, the interface has been improved and user features updated. Additionally, it is the second most used messaging service after Gmail.

How to connect to your Hotmail inbox?

To be able to check the emails in your Hotmail inbox, you must first create a Microsoft account. To do this, you must enter certain information: name, date and place of birth, user name. Choose a strong password to protect your personal data. Once you have created your account, you can easily check your emails.

Check your emails in your Hotmail webmail

In order to connect to your Microsoft Hotmail account or Outlook, follow these steps:

1. Access the Outlook connection page via,,, or
2. Click on Connect
3. Enter your email address or phone number
4. Select Next
5. Enter your password on the following page
6. Finally, click on Connect

If you are using a personal computer and do not want to repeat these steps several times, select the Maintain connection check box. However, if you connect to a shared computer, do not forget to log out at the end of the use to secure your personal information.

Clean your hotmail inbox

It is possible to manually clean your mailbox by deleting one by one messages that are no longer useful to you, such as spam, old emails and newsletters. However, this requires a lot of time and rigour. The ideal solution is to use software that allows you to effectively delete these emails. This is what Foxintelligence offers you with Cleanfox.

Cleanfox is free and easy to use. Furthermore, it is compatible with most messaging services, including Hotmail, and can be used on any device. To use it, simply associate your address with the tool, which will scan your emails and sort them by sender. Afterwards, the software will ask you to delete the messages and/or unsubscribe. With one click, you can get rid of all undesirable emails for good.