How to Sign In to Your Hotmail Mailbox ?

Hotmail is a webmail associated to the MSN Messenger mailbox which later on became Windows Live Messenger. In 2013, Hotmail was replaced by Outlook, a Microsoft software that manages mailboxes.

Both practical and easy to use, Outlook is the upgrade of Microsoft’s webmail. Find out in this article the best way to manage this mailbox. But first, let’s look at the differnce between and

What are the differences between and

To create a Hotmail account in United Kingdom, you can use or There is not much difference between the two. Moreover, all Hotmail addresses can be converted to Outlook since the Webmail has changed its name. But it is also possible to keep your old Hotmail account while enjoying Outlook features. However, a new user can only create an account.

Both and allow you to send and receive messages for free. The storage is almost unlimited. With Outlook, the interface has been improved and user features updated. Additionally, it is the second most used messaging service after Gmail.

Why connect to your Hotmail mailbox?

Creating a Hotmail account has many advantages. With Microsoft Outlook, you can create personalised email signatures. Furthermore, you can consult multiple mailboxes simultaneously and manage other supplier accounts from, which is a massive time gain.

It is also possible to connect to social medias and chat with friends on Facebook or Windows Live from Moreover, the conversations can be saved.

Outlook offers the possibility to create a free email address specific to your domain. Hence, it is a real asset to harmonise the communication between companies. Also, Outlook offers other services: contact database, calendar, tasks,etc. Additionally, you can directly send an email from Word.

The creation of under folders in your mailbox contributes to its general organisation and facilitates the treatment of every email. You can then avoid overloading your mailbox. The messages can be sorted by contact, newsletter, reception date… Cleaning your mailbox then becomes easier.

How to connect to your Hotmail mailbox?

In order to connect to your Microsoft Hotmail account or

  1. Access to the Outlook connexion page via,,, or
  2. Click on “Connect”
  3. Type your email address or your phone number
  4. Click on “Next”
  5. Type your password
  6. Click on “Connect”

If you are using a personal computer and wish to directly access your mailbox the next time you connect, tick the “Stay connected” box.

Set up your Hotmail mailbox

You have the possibility to link multiple Windows Live or Hotmail accounts to Outlook. Firstly, you need to configure Microsoft Outlook Connector.

In order to do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Run Outlook
  2. Type your email address and password
  3. Type the name displayed in your messages
  4. Tick the box “Save password” then “OK”

The new account has been added. Click on “OK” and restart Outlook.

Clean your Hotmail mailbox with Cleanfox

Despite the rigorous sorting of your emails in your several Outlook folders, it is possible for your messages to take too space. Thus, you need to regularly clean your Hotmail/ Outlook mailbox.

To make your life easier, you can use Cleanfox. This efficient and easy software helps you empty your mailbox in a single click. You simply need to link it to this innovative tool which will detect old emails, spams, newsletters…

Once your mail have been sorted based on the senders, Cleanfox offers you the possibility to delete them and/or unsubscribe. If you have deleted an important email by accident, you can easily retrieve it from your trash.

How many emails

can you delete? 

Too much spam?