How Do You Permanently Delete Outlook Emails?

Are you fed up of receiving newsletters that you don’t even read? Are you fed up of wasting your time sorting out “real” news and “intox”? DO NOT PANIC. In this article, we give you tips on how increase productivity with your Outlook mailbox. Thus, thanks to the application, you can directly manage your subscriptions and delete newsletters that you don’t even read.

Too many newsletters emails?

If you use the Cleanfox app, you will save a lot of time. Thus, you will not send an email to each of your newsletter senders to unsubscribe. Similarly, you will not manually delete your newsletters one by one. Cleanfox is an effective tool that gives you these results in just a few clicks.

Cleanfox is a free service that identifies the newsletters in your mailbox for you. It allows you to unsubscribe from those that are no longer relevant to you. Nothing’s easier!

To do this, log in with your Outlook address.

Then, for each of your newsletters, you will be able to choose to :

(i) don’t change anything,

(ii) delete your old emails but stay subscribed,

(iii) unsubscribe and delete your old emails

All emails that you clean will then be moved automatically to the inbox of your mailbox which automatically empties itself after a few days. As if by magic!

Visual of the Cleanfox application

In addition, it’s ecological!

Few people know it, but an email pollutes!

To reach its recipient, an email is successively received, sorted and stored by the servers of several Data Centers. This is called the “email pollution”.

10 grams of CO² represent the average annual carbon footprint of an email and every minute more than 200 million emails are sent. It starts to do a lot!
And in addition, Cleanfox is a WeForest Project partner in the fight against deforestation in Zambia. When you’re sponsoring a friend, you can really plant a tree with this partnership!

Woman planting a tree in Zambia

You want to finish with the newsletters on Tesco or Twitter? We explain how to do it! Just use Cleanfox!

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click

How many emails

can you delete?