Use Hotmail to manage your emails and discover topicality

Initially called The Microsoft Network, MSN is a Microsoft web portal created in 1995 in France. Hotmail is an email service offered by MSN. In addition to email management, Hotmail offers other benefits, like topicality, including weather, entertainment… In 2013, Microsoft decided to rename its Hotmail email service. Thus, from now on, its new name is Outlook.

Microsoft and its Hotmail webmail

The Hotmail mailbox is accessible both in France and abroad. If you already have a, or address, you will automatically be redirected to the new Outlook version when you connect.
How to create a Hotmail account and connect to it?

To create a,, or email address, you must have or create a unique identifier named Windows Live ID. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you can create a free Hotmail account. To do this, first go to the Hotmail registration page. Afterwards, all you have to do is choose a name that you want to use for your email address and a strong password to secure your personal data.

Once your Hotmail address has been created, you can connect from any device through MSN or Use your Windows Live ID to log in. Furthermore, you can access your account from email and calendar applications for Windows, Outlook application for Android or Outlook for iOS. Finally, to avoid identity theft, viruses and spam, only activate your session on your own device.

How to clean your Hotmail mailbox?

To optimize the performance of your Hotmail mailbox, clean it up regularly. At the same time, you save storage space on your hard drive and you can also concentrate on the essentials of your work.

You can clean your mailbox manually. Take the time to back up important files so that you don’t lose them permanently. Additionally, you can choose to use effective software to delete your emails. Cleanfox is both free and easy to use. It allows you to delete unnecessary messages, unwanted and obsolete emails but also to unsubscribe from irrelevant newsletters that invade your inbox.

The tool scans your Hotmail account to sort messages according to senders. This makes it easier to delete emails that are no longer being used by you. With a single click, Cleanfox gives you the opportunity to delete them and/or unsubscribe. Afterwards, your Hotmail email will be as good as new and you will receive fewer advertising emails.

Topicality, weather, entertainment… find the advantages of a Hotmail mailbox

MSN allows its users to benefit from several services that facilitate their daily lives, such as weather, topicality, MSN Search service, as well as thematic areas (shopping, finance, automotive, etc.).

MSN also gives you the ability to communicate in real time with your loved ones via Skype. Move the cursor over the Skype icon to see your most recent conversations and search for contacts.

A Hotmail mailbox allows you to better manage your emails, contacts, special events and files. Your information is easily sorted; the most important elements are highlighted.
In addition, MSN allows you to share the favorite content of a page by email. Please be aware that your personal data is secure with Microsoft. However, to optimize the protection of your information, take care to regularly clean your Hotmail/Outlook inbox by removing spam and unsubscribing from unnecessary newsletters.