How can I access my Outlook email inbox ?

Outlook, the free email service published by Microsoft has many features. Initially, this service was called Hotmail before taking the name Outlook in 2013. You can create an Outlook email address for both personal and professional use. We explain how to connect to your Outlook inbox , manage your account properly and clean it up efficiently.

Why connecting to an Outlook inbox?

There are many advantages to connecting to your Hotmail or Outlook mailbox. This Webmail has many features, including an agenda, a calendar, task management… Your Outlook account has an intuitive and easy to use interface. It is possible to easily sort your emails and classify them in different folders to facilitate their management. In addition, you have the possibility to send an email directly from Microsoft Word.

For professionals, Hotmail/Outlook allows you to create personalized signatures or an email address specific to your domain name. Thus, this greatly facilitates communication within your company. Also, It is possible to exchange in real time with your contacts on Facebook, Windows Live or MSN from Your Outlook account also allows you to check emails from other email providers. Finally, the use of all these features is completely free of charge.

How to connect to an Outlook inbox?

To connect to your Outlook mailbox, use one of the following URLs:,,, or Proceed as follows:

1. Click on Connect
2. Enter your email address or phone number
3. Click on Next
4. Enter your password on the following page
5. Click on Connect

To avoid having to repeat these processes many times, select the Maintain connection check box. This is not recommended if you use a shared computer, at the risk of disclosing your personal information.

Configure your Outlook inbox?

Outlook allows you to check all your emails, regardless of your email provider. Synchronizing messages helps to better manage them and increase productivity and efficiency. Once your Outlook account is configured, an update is automatically performed on your devices the next time you log in. To set up your Hotmail/Outlook account:

1. Run Outlook
2. A Microsoft Office Outlook Connector window will open
3. Enter your email address and password
4. Select the name appearing in your messages
5. Tick the box Save Password and click on OK
6. The new account was added to Outlook
7. Click on OK and restart Outlook

Clean your newsletters with Cleanfox

It is essential to regularly delete undesirable emails in your Outlook account and unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters to improve performance and efficiency. Use Cleanfox to perform these operations quickly. You can clean your mailbox from your computer or from the Cleanfox application for mobile devices. Moreover, by regularly cleaning your Outlook email, you are helping to save the planet because emails are a very energy-intensive digital pollutant. Also, this optimizes the operation of your device and frees up storage space on your hard drive.

Cleanfox is a free and easy to use software. Associate it with your Outlook account to clean it up. Afterwards, the tool scans all your emails and sorts them by senders. It thus identifies spam, newsletters, old and obsolete emails. Finally, all it takes is one click to delete and/or unsubscribe.

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