How to configure your iCloud email address ?

Owning an iCloud email address allows you to save your data online and share them with your relatives. Moreover configuring your iCloud mailbox is essential to increasing the security of your personal data and improving their management. This also makes cleaning your mailbox easier while increasing the performances of your mailbox at the same time. Use the Cleanfox software to delete your spams and efficiently clean your mailbox.

Why configure your iCloud mailbox?

Configuring your iCloud mailbox is a practical solution to access to all your emails, regardless of your supplier. Setting up your messaging also allows you to clean it more efficiently.

It is possible to configure the access to your different mailboxes by importing all your contacts and emails, in order to better consult and store them.

Configuring your mailbox also allows you to synchronize your messages and folders on your devices. Therefore, an automatic update runs once you have modified the settings of your iCloud account.

Configure your mailbox for more security

Importing your contacts and emails in a single place enables you to better store and secure them. Furthermore, you can more closely follow your messages since they are all synchronized on your devices. It then becomes easier to sort your email and move them to adequate folders hence, optimizing your account’s management.

Moreover, it will be easier to filter your emails and identify the spam and newsletters that do not interest you anymore. So, you have the possibility to blacklist senders and stop receiving emails from them.

In order to increase the security of your mailbox, you must receive the least number of undesirable emails possible. Thus, you should avoid sharing your iCloud email address on websites. Only subscribe to pertinent newsletters.

Additionally, you should give a secondary email address when looking for information. Also, prioritize the use of aliases on forums and discussion groups. Finally, you help increase the security of your mailbox by receiving less spams.

Configure your mailbox for more productivity

We have a tendency to consult a message as soon as it is received in order to determine its importance. This greatly affects our concentration and distracts us from our main tasks. By grouping the messages in a single mailbox, our spirit becomes peaceful and we become more efficient.

Also, consulting multiple mailboxes on different devices can quickly become boring and stressful. Configuring your mailbox is essential to access all your email and avoid wasting time with checking your different accounts.

Use Cleanfox for an optimal mailbox

Setting up an email address is essential to optimizing the security and gain productivity but it also allows you to easily and efficiently clean your mailbox. You should use Cleanfox, a free and efficient software designed to delete spams and permanently unsubscribe from newsletters.

Regularlycleaning your iCloud frees storage space. Therefore, saving your important data is a must. Cleanfox is available as an application on your mobile phone and to use it, you simply need to link it to your mailbox. Cleanfox will sort your messages based on the senders. In a few minutes, every old email, spam and newsletter is displayed on your screen.

The tool then offers the possibility to either deletethem, unsubscribe or not do anything.