How to create an iCloud Inbox ?

Owning an iCloud inbox allows you to store a large number of messages, photos and videos online. Furthermore, you can access Apple services, such as App store, iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage… with your Apple ID. For a better management of your iCloud account, delete unnecessary emails regularly: spam, newsletters, old emails, etc.

How to create an Apple Account?

It is possible to create an Apple account from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Macintosh or PC.

With an iPhone, iPad/ iPad touch or Mac:

1. Open the App Store
2. Download a free application
3. Click on the Download button
4. You will then be asked to connect using your Apple ID. Select Create an Apple ID
5. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
6. Choose “none” when selecting your payment method
7. If “none” does not appear or you cannot select it, follow these options:
8. Display your subscription and delete your payment method
9. Deactivate the sharing of purchases
10. Modify your country or region
11. Regularize a debit balance
12. After typing in all your information, you will be invited to:
13. Confirm a trustworthy phone number if you are eligible for the two-factor identification
14. Or confirm your Apple ID by email
15. You will be able to use your Apple ID after the formality described above

On a computer:

1. Open iTunes
2. Click on the iTunes Store button in the superior part of the window
3. Go to the bottom of the page in order to access the flag at the bottom right corner and select the flag of your country.
4. Go to the App Store, Musique, TV shows or books section by clicking on one of the icons at the top left corner of the page
5. Freely download an application, a song, a video or a book from the column on the right side of the window.
6. Click on the “Obtain” button, under the appropriate icon.
7. Click on Create an Apple ID when you are asked to connect with your Apple identification.
8. Use a personal email address for this account
9. A validation email will be sent to this email address
10. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen
11. Choose “None” when selecting your payment information.
12. You will then be invited to validate your Apple ID by email after typing in all the required information

How to connect to your iCloud mailbox?

Just like every other messaging supplier (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail,…), an iCloud inbox allows you to send, receive and organise your files. Nevertheless, you need to configure an email address before accessing your iCloud mailbox. Finally, if you ever own another iCloud application, you can click on its name at the top of window and select Mail.

Configure well your iCloud inbox

A properly organized iCloud inbox is synonymous with time, productivity and security gains. Moreover, you can import your contacts and emails to a single location for a better management.

Clean your iCloud mailbox with Cleanfox

To optimize the performance of your iCloud mailbox and save storage space, you should regularly clean it. Cleanfox allows you to delete spam and unsubscribe from newsletters in one click. Also, this free application is available on any type of device. Finally, It sorts your messages by sender to make it easier to delete.