How can I check my Orange email address ?

Orange’s free messaging service is widely used in France. It offers multiple advantages, including the ability to create up to 9 mailboxes and a capacity of 10 GB. The orange email address is also powerful and can be consulted from any device: smartphone, tablet or computer. Here we explain how to check your Orange mailbox and how to manage them thanks to intelligent applications, including Cleanfox, which allows you to delete unwanted emails and unsubscribe from newsletters.

Check your emails on a mobile or tablet

To check your Orange mailbox on any device, simply type the email from your web browser and enter your email address and password. Also, you can download the Orange Mail application to retrieve your messages directly. These are then synchronized on all the devices used.

For iPhone and iPad

The Orange Mail application is available on the App Store. It is free and compatible with iOS software versions 6.0 and higher. Then simply click on the application icon on your home screen to access your orange email address. Enter your email address or phone number and the associated password. Once the identification is done, you can easily check all your emails.

For Android

As with the iPhone and iPad, you can connect from your browser or download the Orange Mail application from Play Store. Your software version must be Android 2.2 and higher. Then, enter your email address or phone number and your password.

On a computer

To check your emails from a computer, proceed as follows:

1. Go to the portal from your web navigator
2. Select your ID by clicking on a previously used account or on another account
3. Click on Continue
4. Enter your password
5. Tick the Stay connected box to avoid repeating these steps on your next connection. Therefore, simply click on Identify myself on your next connection
6. After identifying, you will automatically be directed to the Mail service
7. From the home page of, click on the Mail section, the Mail envelope or the Your Mail service icon

Applications which facilitates reading and organisation of emails

The Gmail application is installed by default on Android and can be downloaded for free on iPhone. It allows you to retrieve your POP and IMAP accounts and synchronize your emails from different email providers. Additionally, You can download other applications to make it easier to manage all your messages.

One example is Spike, which makes it easy to translate emails and make voice and video calls. ProtonMail allows you to automatically delete messages. The Outlook application optimizes the sorting of your calendar and contacts and allows you to highlight important messages.

Clean your Orange mailbox

It is possible to manually clean your Orange messaging system, but it takes time and organization. For an efficient cleaning of your mailbox, use the Cleanfox software. It can also be applied on mobile phones. Also, this tool allows you to effectively delete unwanted emails and permanently unsubscribe from newsletters that you receive in bulk in your Orange mailbox.

Associate it with your mailbox for scanning. Cleanfox classifies emails by sender and asks you to delete and/or unsubscribe in one click. Finally, the regular cleaning of your Orange mailbox helps to optimize its performance and better secure your personal data.