How to properly configure your Orange mailbox?

Orange is the first supplier of internet in France. The Orange messaging offers multiple advantages such as the creation of multiple mailboxes. It is essential to properly configure your orange mailbox to make its management easier. Using the settings function of your mailbox enables you to better secure your messages and gain productivity. We will explain to you in this articles the different ways to proceed.
In order to connect to your Orange client account, you must first own an Orange email address and create your profile. Consult your emails from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

  1. Access to the portal from your browser.
  2. Select your identification.
  3. Click on Continue.
  4. Fill in your password.
  5. Tick the Stay connected box to avoid typing your identification next time.
  6. Click on Mail from the home page, the Mail envelope or the icon Mail services.
  7. You can then easily consult your emails, send new ones or discover the different options or Orange Mail

Manage the settings of your Orange mailbox

Setting up your orange mailbox allows you to better manage your messages and to consult them safely. A well-organized mailbox also means increased your productivity.

Configure your orange mailbox for more security

Setting up your Orange mailbox gives you the possibility to access all the messages coming from your several accounts in one place. Then, you can easily sort and move your emails in different folders. For more security, use a filter for undesirable emails. You can also redlist the spam or uninteresting emails senders. Click on the send to undesirable option then add to my red list. Also, you can use the push notifications to announce the arrival of an important email. The Orange messaging put efficient protections against viruses and spams at your disposal.

Gain in productivity

Having all your messages gathered in a single mailbox is essential for its productivity. Indeed, the multiple notifications coming from different mailboxes can make you lose focus. This will in turn increase your stress levels. Thankfully, you can synchronise, sort and archive your emails with Orange mailbox.

Clean your Orange mailbox with Cleanfox

You can manually clean your Orange mailbox but this requires a lot of time and concentration. In order to make your life easier, regroupe the messages and delete them by group. Another way to efficiently clean your Orange mailbox is to use the Cleanfox software. Also available on your phone, this smart tool was specially built to delete obsolete and undesirable emails and unsubscribe from newsletters. By regularly cleaning your mailbox with this software, you optimise the security of your personal information. Additionally, you liberate storage space and increase the capabilities of your device. In order to use Cleanfox, you must associate it to your mailbox. The software then proceeds to a quick scan of all your emails and identifies the old messages, spams and newsletters that do not interest you. They are then sorted before the software allows you to delete them, unsubscribe or keep them. In a single click, your mailbox is like new! Moreover, the startup behind this tool wil never divulge your personal information since they have integrated the GRDP.