How to reach inbox zero and gain in productivity?

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Inbox zero is a technique that means you should have an empty or almost empty inbox. The inbox zero has been developed by the productivity expert Merlin Mann.

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• What are the benefits?

We all spend on average 28% of the workweek in reading and dealing with our mails which means 13 hours of our work time (numbers from the McKinsey Global Institute). Also, according to SaneBox’s internal data, only 38% of emails we are receiving are important and relevant emails. Which means that 62% are emails that could be deleted and so save 10g of CO2 per email.

• Why getting an empty inbox?

Here is an interesting subject about reaching inbox zero. Something that everyone gets bored of but this could save time in our everyday life.
We all have mailboxes where we received a load of emails, newsletters and boring spams. We can all work on it to be more efficient over the long term. Then, we use less time checking mails that are not so important. Please follow the link if you want to stop receiving Spam

• How reaching inbox zero?

1st step : Determine which mail is important or not for you. Take an action to quickly determine what is the easiest way to deal with it.
2nd step: Organize your inbox by creating folders that will helps you categorizing them and then find them easily. Here is a tip : you can marks emails important by using flags (see illustration below) with every email provider such as Gmail, Outlook, Aol, and so on.
rd step: Reduce the time we are allowing reading our emails everyday by checking if every mail needs something to be done on a specific date, could wait for a response, requires an action ASAP, is delegated to someone else or could be archived.


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