What is the Best Calendar App?

Organizing tasks and events in a good calendar app is probably all it takes to keep your life neat and stress-free. But with the wide range of calendar apps available for use today, you may find it pretty hard to decide which one you are going to use. In this article, we want to help you make the right choice.

What is the best calendar app for Android?

You can find tons of calendar apps for Android on the Internet. Unfortunately, some are pretty good while some will only give you frustration. You just don’t want to be stuck using a bad scheduling app for your day-to-day workload. We outlined below our own selection of the best calendar apps you can choose for your Android.

1 – Google Calendar

On your Android device, Google Calendar comes as a built-in application. Otherwise, you can download its last version from Google Play Store. Google Calendar has an intuitive user interface, and you can sync your Google Calendar with just your Google account. It is also very collaborative, and you can expect a lot of interactions with other Google users while using it. You may also be interested in learning how to use Google Drive. Visit Cleanfox for more tips about Google services and other email providers.

2 – Business Calendar

An alternative to Google Calendar you can pick is Business Calendar. The latter is appropriate to any user, and not restricted to business people. What makes this calendar app special is its tap and swipe functionality for a quick and smooth navigation on your Android device. In addition, it offers more, including a task view for your to-do list, event templates for easier event creation, and a search functionality.

3 – Any.do

Another calendar app you may want to try is Any.do which gathers in one place your schedule, reminders, goals, and tasks. With its fantastic user interface, you get to exploit your small screen to the fullest with Any.do. The latter is a free calendar app, but you can upgrade for a plan of $32.88 per year.

4 – Outlook calendar

As part of tools offered by Microsoft, Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a calendar planner that helps you organize every bit of your life within interactions with other Outlook users. You can share your calendar from the app, subscribe to other users’ calendars, and help manage each other’s calendars. Outlook Calendar is also offered for free to all Outlook users.

What is the best calendar app for iOS?

To boost your productivity, one thing you will have to do is to stay away from the built-in calendar. Find below two of the best calendar apps that will help you manage your schedule and tasks better.

1 – Fantastical 2

As its name suggests, Fantastical 2 provides a fantastic service in helping you manage your agenda. It has a straightforward user interface. Also, on Fantastical 2, you can easily create a new event and add details to it. And above all, it can acquire information from other apps on your iOS, so you can easily set up events based on details from apps such as Maps and Safari.

2 –Timepage

An alternative to Fantastical 2 is the paid calendar app Timepage. It has such a beautiful interface that displays a very minimalist design. You can freely choose the theme of your calendar, so it even looks more enjoyable. It has some special features that differentiate the app from other calendar apps, such as the daily briefing functionality.

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