Fight against spams and newsletters in a single click

Newsletters and spams usually obstruct our mailboxes. When these types of emails arrive en masse, they can affect your focus and create high levels of stress. Sometimes, we aren’t even able to tell the difference between newsletters and spams, especially when they directly arrive in your inbox.

Using an anti-spam software is essential in order to clean your mailbox. On top of deleting spams, Cleanfox also allows you to easily unsubscribe from newsletters and stop receiving them.

The differences between spams and newsletters

Spams and newsletters can both contain ads to make a new product of service known. Contrary to spams, newsletters are only sent to individuals who gave their prior consent. A company can share an user’s private data to their partners and they themselves can send newsletters. Thus, this approach is similar to spamming.

Contrary to spams, newsletters contain an unsubscription link allowing users to unsubscribe at at any moment. They are periodically sent to targeted consumers while you can receive multiple spams from the same sender in a week. Additionally, spams are mostly centered around the same subject while the content of newsletters varies every time to follow the consumers needs.

The best anti-spam softwares

Your anti-spam filters may not properly block the undesirable emails. Still, they can be very dangerous especially if they contain virus alerts or links sending you to roguish websites. Spams also consume your electronic resources and contribute to the numerical pollution.

Therefore, they must be regularly deleted and you should block your mailbox’s access to undesirable senders. Moreover, you can do these tasks manually or use an anti-spam solution. Some softwares such as Altospam, Bitdefender, McAfee… also grant you protection against viruses.

With MailInBlack, an intermediary server filters your messages before they reach your inbox. Anti-Spam 2019 guarantees your emails confidentiality by asking the sender to authentify himself before sending the message.

Manually clean your mailbox by unsubscribing from newsletters

Unsubscribing from useless newsletters is a good way to clean your mailbox. You simply need to click on the unsubscription link displayed at the bottom of your email. Knowing that companies do everything in their power to retain their prospects, unsubscribing from newsletters can sometimes be complex, with a questionnaire or a satisfaction study required.

Other times, the unsubscription through the link may not be effective. You will then continue to receive newsletters or be contacted by companies through another channel. Additionally, the manual suppression of newsletters is time-consuming and counterproductive.

Rid your mailbox of newsletters in a single click with Cleanfox

 Cleanfox is a free software designed to rapidly clean your mailbox. It identifies the spams and uninteresting newsletters and helps you definitely get rid of them. Furthermore, our start-up guarantees the security of your private data and does not send them to third parties. Therefore, you will not be targeted by companies after using this software.

Cleanfox sorts your messages based on the senders. In a single click, you can delete every email sent by a company or a spammer and unsubscribe in order to stop receiving them. Easy to use, this software is the ideal solution for the efficient cleaning of your mailbox.

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click