Stop Spam – How Can I Stop Receiving Them?


Spam is our enemy! Say NO TO SPAM

Blocking spams seems to be an impossible mission. When you are bored to have a lot of junk folders in your email accounts, you need to remove spams. It is possible to get rid of it without using anti-spam software. If you doesn’t want to click on the unsubscribe link you can use spam filter on your email address. All email services like yahoo mail are not stopping junk email, spam messages or marketing emails. It’s possible that your email address has been listed on mailing lists. A spam button or spam folders would be really useful to stop each email you receive from reputable companies. But spam emails are really annoying and difficult to get rid of. You can also try to send email to companies.  However, sometimes, junks mails are still sent with tracking pixels to know the open rate of their email.

Remove Spam From His Mailbox

There are several ways to prevent spam to reach your mailbox.

You can choose to report a sender as spam. It will then be analyzed by Google and if it matches the criteria used by Gmail to handle them, emails from this sender will automatically be directed to your spam box.

This option is also available on addresses other than Gmail and works on the same principle.

You can also block a sender to be treated and no longer pollute your mailbox.

By using these options the mails will be automatically redirected to your spam box where they will be automatically deleted after 30 days (on Gmail, this delay may vary depending on the email you use).

Stop Receiving By Unsubscribing From The Sender

Remove Spam From Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping sites have become masters at sending multiple emails a day and your inbox is surely spammed by dozens of emails that you have never asked to receive.

Whether it’s Tesco, Boots or Amazon, all shopping sites send a lot of emails and if you have been subscribing from all, you’re often spammed on a daily basis.

Remove Spam From Social Networks

You also surely receive dozens of emails from your favorite social networks. Twitter is also the English champion of spam. But it is possible to quickly end the constant spamming from Twitter of Facebook

Cleanfox Helps You Block Easily Spam

If you do not want to process your spam one by one, Cleanfox will help you remove any unsolicited advertising emails easily. In one click you can delete old emails that you have been storing unnecessarily for years and unsubscribe to no longer receive them.

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