How to get rid of newsletters and block spams

When visiting a company’s website, we are most of the time asked to subscribe to newsletters. It then becomes necessary to input your email address to confirm the subscription. Sometimes, a questionnaire or survey must be completed. Afterwards, we periodically receive emails coming from said company and these messages inform us about the company’s latest news and promotional offers. This is an excellent way to maintain relations with customers. Spam, on the other hand, directly land in our inbox without our prior consent. Our email address was randomly collected and becomes a target for spammers. Furthermore, these undesirable emails are sent en masse to internet users, we can receive them daily as long as we haven’t blocked the sender. Newsletters and spam both have an advertising character, they aim to increase the visibility of a company’s product. It must be known that spam can also be sent by an individual. Some newsletters can be assimilated to spam, especially when the data is shared with third companies.

Manually delete your newsletters

Contrary to spam, newsletters must contain an unsubscription link. It is usually found in small letters at the bottom of the email and can escape the receivers’ attention. You simply need to click on said unsubscription link to stop receiving news from that specific company. In most cases, the unsubscription is followed by certain instructions. The company may ask you to complete a satisfaction investigation or ask for your advice to increase the quality of their services. Therefore, companies do everything in their power to retain customers. What should be a simple click to unsubscribe can transform in multiple time consuming questions. Also, your unsubscription may not be fully effective after answering the questionnaire and you will still keep on receiving emails. In this case, if the offer is really useless, the best solution is to block the sender. Then, his messages will land in the anti-spam filter and automatically be deleted after 30 days.

Use Cleanfox to delete your newsletters in a single click

The cleaning application Cleanfox allows you to permanently unsubscribe from newsletters without having to fill the different questionnaires. This free software sorts out newsletters and offers the possibility to delete them and/or to unsubscribe. It also enables you to efficiently clean your mailbox. Also, Cleanfox is an efficient anti-spam to get rid of useless email senders for good.

How to block spammers from your mailbox?

Undesirable emails may escape your anti-spam filter and directly land in your inbox. Thus, you should blacklist the sender as soon as you receive a suspicious email. Also, you should use an anti-spam software to filter your messages. If you want spammers to stop bothering you, do not share your email address on visited websites. Finally, stay discreet when navigating by using a nickname for example.

Too much spam?

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click