How to get rid of spams in your mailbox ?

Spamming is a well known marketing strategy because of its low cost. It chips away at an internet user’s time and decreases the productivity of employees. Are you tired of undesirable emails filling your mailbox? Choose a free anti-spam software to definitely get rid of spams!

What is a spam? 

A spam is a marketing email massively sent to internet users without their consent. Every email non conforming to la Loi pour la Confiance dans l’Economie Numérique (LEN) and la Commission nationale de l’informatique de la liberté (CNIL) are considered as spams. Thus, they turn out to be outsider messages or a non required advertising pollution.

The following actions may also be considered as spam:

  • Ask a stranger to visit your website
  • Include someone in your sending list without his consent
  • Spread messages on a forum that are not related to its them

The most common spams can be classified in several categories based on their themes:

  • Adult category: spammers offer services aimed at adult individuals: pornography, matrimonial advice, love announcements…
  • Finances: This type of spam gives an incentive to borrow money, buy on credit or invest
  • Multimedia: Anti-virus softwares, anti-spams, hosting services and website optimisations services are in this category
  • Spiritual: This category refers to all unrequested emails related to spiritual evangelisation or spiritual matters (astrology, psychology, religion, theology…)
  • Scams: This theme groups the incentives to invest abroad, chain letters, ponzi scams…
  • Health: Spammers often offer miracle medicines that can’t be bought
  • Education/ training: They are classes, trainings or seminars accessible at a competitive price

How to delete spams?

It is strongly recommended to never answer a spam because you risk confirming your email address or involuntarily share personal data. Indeed, spy softwares like cookies are likely to capture this information which are then included to the pirate’s botnet. Attached files to a spam usually contain malevolent codes (virus, trojan horse,…)

The best solution is to directly get rid of spams, without answering to them. They are intercepted y your mailbox and placed under the spam folder where they are automatically kept for a period of 30 days. Additionally, you can signal an email as spam. All the other messages of the same type will then be blocked by your mailbox’s filtering system. Nonetheless, it is important to note that spams do not have unsubscription links, contrary to newsletters.

Clean your mailbox with Cleanfox

 Cleanfox is a free anti-spam software that also helps you unsubscribe from uninteresting newsletters. This tool cleans your mailbox by identifying the uselessly stored unread emails.

Therefore, you do not have to delete the spams that pollute your mailbox once at the time. You simply need to connect your mailbox to Cleanfox, which will scan and group the emails based on their senders. Know that every deleted email is automatically sent to your mailbox’s trash. Thus, you can easily retrieve them if you deleted them by error.

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