How to protect yourself against spams?

Studies have shown that spams represent around 90% of email traffic. Getting rid of undesirable emails helps in freeing up space in your storage as well as reducing your environmental impact. In order to avoid being submerged of spams, it is highly recommended to use an anti-spam software. Find out how to easily get rid of spams and their dangers.

What is a spam?

A spam is an unsolicited email to commercial ends. They are mass diffused to millions of email addresses. The receiver has not given his consent to receive this kind of emails, which often contain viruses. Miracle medicines, pornographic services, cracked softwares, promises to make money easily,etc. are one of the many offers sent by spammers.

Furthermore, spammers guess the addresses of most of their receivers. They may also have been collected by softwares which visit websites or they get the addresses from game contests. If you do receive a spam, it is possible that the sender got your address through an address seller.

Why do we need to protect ourselves from spams? 

Spams can infect your computer through a Virus or a Spyware. The spammer can also use your personal data to unscrupulous ends by stealing your identity for example. Moreover, the spam sender may even be trying to steal your password.

Having two different email addresses, one professional and one for online shopping or participating to online forums is one of the ways to avoid receiving spams. When filling up a form, only give the minimum of information. You could even give fake information. Try to give out your name as less as possible. Furthermore, you should avoid common emails such as when creating your address, these are the favorite targets of spams.

You must never answer to or buy a product from a spam. Doing this will expose your identity to the spammer who will continue to submerge your mailbox with unsolicited messages. Additionally, it is not recommended to ask to be taken out of a spammers sending list, you also risk exposing your personal information. The best action remains in ignoring these advertising emails.

The anti-spam solutions

The majority of webmails contain anti-spam filters where undesirable messages are automatically redirected. Therefore, the emails are sorted out in order to directly transfer the spam to the spam folder or undesirable. You can then consult it in order to make sure that it is a spam and block all the emails coming from this sender. If that is not the case, you have the possibility to redirect it towards your inbox.

Nevertheless, these anti-spam filters have their limits and can let potentially dangerous spams through. Plus, reading these advertising emails to check their content one by one is very time consuming. The best solution is to use a smart anti-spam solution which identifies the undesirable emails in your stead.

Cleanfox, the free solution against spams

In order to protect yourself against undesirable emails, you must first be able to detect them. This is not always easy. This is the reason why it is recommended to use a tool which can automatically verify your emails.

By choosing Cleanfox, you are being eco-friendly because you reduce the carbon footprint of your useless emails. This free anti-spam solution efficiently cleans your mailbox. Once your data has been analyzed, cleanfox finds the undesirable emails and invading newsletters. You only need to choose between deleting the emails or unsubscribing.

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click

Remove distractions!

Block spam, newsletters and advertising emails from your mailbox in one click