How to stop receiving undesirable emails?

Do you keep on receiving unrequested emails? They must be spams spent most of the time by social medias or e-commerce websites. There exists several methods to rid your mailbox of these undesirable messages. You can manually block them or use an efficient software to stop receiving spams.

What is an undesirable email?

An undesirable email or spam is a marketing techning used by multiple companies or particulars to get visibility for their products or services. They can also be scams organised to dishonest ends.

In any case, you have not given your consent to receives these advertising emails. They automatically appear in your mailbox and can rapidly fill it up. Some of them may avoid your anti-spam filter and direclty land in your inbox. Therefore, you must never answer a dubious email.

Newsletters are sometimes wrongly considered by consumers as undesirable emails, especially when the information does not seems all that interesting and they do not remember subscribing to receive those messages.

It must be known that unlike spams, newsletters contain links to unsubscribe. Furthermore, they are sent periodically whereas spams can be sent by the dozens or hundreds in a single week.

How to manually delete indesirable emails?

You can manually clean your mailbox by deleting the undesirable emails. To do so:

  1. Connect to your account
  2. Select the email
  3. Click on “Delete” or the trash icon

However, this procedure may be time consuming depending on the number of emails received. The trash must also be emptied in order to free up space in your mailboxs’ storage.

You can also blacklist the users sending unending advertising emails. Moreover, creating aother email address for your online shopping is also a practical solution to stop receiving spams in your inbox.

To block undesirable emails, you can configure the folders in your mailbox or act to only receive emails from your contacts.

How to unsubscribe from undesirable emails with Cleanfox?

Although there exists several ways to manually block undesirable emails, it is recommanded to use a software to definitely delete them. Indeed, manually deleting undesirable emails or unsubscribing may not be effective.In order to get rid of invading advertising emails once and for all, you should use Cleanfox, a free software easy to use. After linking your mailbox to this tool, it will find all the old emails and unread messages. You will then be given the choice between deleting them and/or unsubscribing or also keeping, in a single click

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