How To Unsubscribe From CheapFlights Newsletters?

What Is Cheapflitghs And How To Unsubscribe?

Introduction To The Website :

Do you know Cheapflights? It’s a website to find flight deals, last minute flights, travel tips and some blog articles. It will help you to search for the cheapest flights to any airport anywhere in the world and find the best deals available.

But sometimes you are looking to find the cheapest flight once for a destination so you are subscribing to their newsletters and after you are receiving a lot of newsletters from Cheapflights in your mailbox that are not relevant anymore.


How To Unsubscribe From Cheap Flights Newsletters?


You can pass via the Cheapflights website or use Cleanfox to unsubscribe from a lot of newsletters in one clic and clean easily your inbox !

With Cheapflights, you can subscribe to

  • The Travel Hotlist (the hottest deals in travel, including flights, packages, hotels, cruises and more)
  • The Weekend Edition (Travel inspiration complete with a mix of blog posts)
  • Deal Alert (Flight sales, hotel deals, package promotions…)
  • Destination Specials (To create once your vacation with flight, accommodation, car rental…)

To unsubscribe you can go to the Cheapflights website then go at the bottom of the page and enter your email address on the unsubscribe page.

You can also choose different option. If you don’t want to unsubscribe from all you can :

  • Pause your mailings
  • Edit your details
  • Specify what your are looking for right now
  • Choose what newsletters you want to receive

Once you have choose everything you will be successfully unsubscribe from Cheapflights.

If you have a lot of newsletters in your mailbox the easiest way to unsubscribe from all really easily and without wasting time is to use Cleanfox. With Cleanfox you can delete and unsubscribe from them with just one click and it’s 100% free!


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