How to Set Up a Mail Filter on a Windows Live Hotmail Account?

It is hard to sort out important emails, and even harder with unwanted emails filling up your mailbox. The good news is that you can actually set up an email filter on your Windows Live Hotmail account, so that your Hotmail mailbox makes automatic decisions based on your preferences.

How to set up a mail filter on incoming emails in Windows Live Hotmail?

You can create an email filter to automatically manage your incoming emails in Windows Live Hotmail as follows:

    1. In Windows Live Hotmail, click “Options” at the top right of your window, and then click “More options”.

    2. Open “Automatically sort e-mail into folders”.

    3. Click “New filter” to create a new email filter.

    4. Set up the filter criterion under “Which messages are you looking for?”, and select the folder in which you would like to receive the filtered emails.

    5. Click “Save” to complete the filter set-up process.

All incoming emails matching the email filter criterion will now be saved into the folder you have chosen. You may unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails as follows.

How to set up spam filtering in Windows Live Hotmail?

To find the spam filtering option, please read the simple guide below.

    1. In Windows Live Hotmail, click “Options” at the top right of your window, and then click “More options”.

    2. Open “Filters and Reporting”. You can now choose between “Standard” and “Executive” under “Choose a Junk Email filter”.

    3. Show or block attachments under “Block Content from Unknown Senders”. If you choose to block them, people outside your safe senders list cannot send you any attachments. Manage your “Safe and Blocked Senders” under “Preventing Junk Email”.

    4. Click “Save” when you are satisfied.

How to prevent Windows Live Hotmail from spamming emails?

    It may happen that you find some of your important emails in your junk folder. How do you stop Hotmail from spamming those emails? You can do this by signing into your Windows Live Hotmail account on and do the following.

    1. Click the gear icon at the top right of your window to access your Settings.

    2. Go to “View all Outlook settings”.

    3. Click “Mail” and then “Junk Mail”.

    4. Type the email address or domain which you want to whitelist into the box, and click “Add”.

    5. Click “Save”.

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How to clean up your Windows Live Hotmail inbox with Cleanfox?

Time has become more and more important. You may want to save time managing your Hotmail mailbox. With less efforts, you can now use Cleanfox to clean up your unwanted newsletters.

To do so, all you need to do is link your Hotmail account to Cleanfox, which will carry out a scan of your Hotmail mailbox and will sort your emails by senders. For further information about cleaning up your Hotmail mailbox, please click here to read our article.