How to update your mobile apps?

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Your smartphone or tablet keeps sending you notifications about the need to update apps? Indeed, it is important to regularly update your Android and iOS applications to improve their performance. Find out how to do this!

Why update your mobile apps?

It is sometimes annoying to receive daily notifications of an application update on your phone. And yet, this is essential for the application to work properly. Updates can result in bug fixes, added functionality or improved application performance. It is also necessary for security reasons.
This update or “upgrade” consists of increasing functionalities within the versions of the applications you use. The changes are therefore minor. On the other hand, within the framework of an upgrade, the changes are major since it is a question of proposing a brand new version of the application. It is important to know that an upgrade is always free, whereas an upgrade often has a cost.

Update on Android phone or tablet

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You can program the settings of your phone or Android tablet by activating the automatic update. Follow these steps to update your Android apps :

  1. Go to the Google Play Store application.
  2. Press the settings key on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Then click My Apps.
  4. You will see a list of applications that require updating.
  5. Select the application that you want to update (and for which you have received a notification).
  6. If you select the Automatic update check box, the update will be performed by itself when a connection is available.
    However, to avoid wasting your bundle, it is strongly recommended that you wait until you have a Wi-Fi connection before updating.

Carry out the apps update on a phone or iOS tablet

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The iOS 7 version allows you to automatically update all your apps. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click the iTunes and App Store section.
  3. Press the Menu key. 4.

Become a beta tester for your favourite Android apps.

In the course of testing a mobile application, bugs may occur. To ensure that an Android application works properly, it is possible to test them beforehand. Indeed, application developers must go through different testing phases. By becoming a Beta tester, you can intervene and try out the product before the others.
First of all, you must have a Gmail address to be able to access the test phase. You will then be able to consult websites catalogues that contain several beta tests and select the application you wish to test by name or by popularity. You can also follow the page on Google + or follow a particular publisher.

Become a beta tester for your favorite iOS apps

To test iOS applications, no special handling on your device is required. There are several tools for testing an iOS application, including TestFlight. This online service offered by Apple allows you to install and test applications directly before they go online on the App Store. Simply download this app from iTunes Connect.

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