How to use Cleanfox?

In this article, you will get all the infos you need to clean your inbox and get more time dealing with your emails.

Follow our step-by-step instruction for the best use of our free app: Cleanfox

Cleanfox – the 100% free app that clean your inbox

1st step: Go to Cleanfox

2nd step: Select the email provider you’re using & enter your email address & then your password

3rd step: Wait until our fox scans your mailbox – this could take a few minutes depending on the quantity of mails you have


4th step: Decide if you want to delete unsubscribe from unwanted mails or keep your mails

  • Delete your mail from an expeditor
  • Delete & unsubscribe
  • Keep your mails by clicking on the right-hand corner


5th step: Once you’re done with all your mails we give you the CO2 you’ve saved


“My Stats” give you the key points of your clean

“My Forest” offers you the possibility of inviting your friends and permit to plant a tree in Zambia thanks to our partnership with WeForest

“My Settings” permit you to add a code, manage your notifications and the possibility of deleting your account

If you want to log out, click on the icon on the right-hand corner


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