How do I delete emails from Yahoo ?

Email accounts are a must have for every person as it permits to get news from a brand, to create an account on a specific website and so on.

But after a long time using the same inbox, we stock a ton of emails that we are no longer interested in.

You must know that keeping all of those emails are generating a lot of Co2 and it pollutes more than we think: 1 email is = of 10g of Co2.





As it takes time to delete one email after one Yahoo has developed an easier way to deal with your inbox. You can delete all messages at once by selecting all emails, please check the screenshot below:



Note that if you decide to delete your emails from Yahoo they all go into the “Deleted Items” section so you get every single mail back if needed. No Worries!


You might want to keep some of your mail and there is a really easy solution to do so, check the screenshot below:


Still not confident by this alternative? You really want to save time by dealing with your inbox? No problem here is the last Yahoo solution. You can decide to move all mails from your inbox to the “Archive” section and again I let you check the screenshot below:


I hope those screenshots will help you dealing with your Yahoo inbox and permit you to do other things instead of wasting your time by checking every single mail from the same provider that you don’t want to read anymore.


Overwise, you can use Cleanfox to detect and delete emails from Yahoo (you can decide to unsubscribe, delete or keep them). It is super easy to use and it works with all email providers.


How many emails

can you delete? 

How many emails

can you delete?