How to create a or email address?

With the many free messaging services, it is sometimes difficult to choose the one that best meets your expectations. Among Webmails, Yahoo Mail is an excellent choice because it offers multiple advantages. It is one of the most used accounts by Internet users. So, find out how to create a email address and how to properly organize your emails with Cleanfox, an intelligent software that allows you to clean your email in no time.

Yahoo webmail service

In addition to easy access to your messages, creating a Yahoo account also gives you the opportunity to benefit from many services, such as news, weather, job postings, image hosting, etc. In addition, Yahoo Mail’s interface is customizable. Therefore, you can manage your account at your convenience. It is possible to change the color, theme, sort your messages and store them in personalized folders….

Yahoo Mail also offers you the possibility to chat in real time with your contacts via Yahoo Messenger. Email storage is unlimited and you can send large attachments. Thanks to an effective spam filter, you can easily get rid of advertising and unwanted emails. You can enjoy all these features for free.

Create a email address

In order to create a email address, go to the homepage of Yahoo through your web browser.

1. Enter the URL
2. Click at the bottom right corner of the page on the Create an account button
3. Fill in the required information: First name, last name, phone number, gender, birthdate, etc. The boxes ticked by an asterisk must be completed
4. Choose an email address and a strong password to better secure your personal data

Create a email address

If you want to create a email address, follow the same procedure. When you choose your address, click on the drop-down list and click on It should be noted that the exact address of the supplier varies according to the countries and languages chosen in your search engine.

Be sure to choose a strong password to secure your account. Finally, Yahoo recommends a password containing between 8 and 32 characters.

Clean your Yahoo email address

To optimize the security of your information, clean your Yahoo inbox regularly. You can do this manually or by using intelligent softwares such as Cleanfox, which allows you to effectively remove spam and permanently unsubscribe from irrelevant newsletters. By cleaning your mailbox, you also improve its performance. Cleanfox is a free and easy to use software. You can use it on any device: computer, smartphone or tablet.

To use Cleanfox, simply associate it with your Yahoo mailbox by entering your or address. Cleanfox then scans your mailbox and classifies your emails according to the senders.

Quickly, you have in front of you all your old messages, unwanted and obsolete emails, as well as newsletters to which you have subscribed. For each of the senders, choose from the options available: delete and/or unsubscribe, or do nothing.

If you no longer wish to receive emails from a certain sender, you must select the unsubscribe option. Indeed, by choosing to delete messages, you are only deleting those that are already in your inbox and you can still receive emails from that sender in the future. You can easily retrieve a deleted email by mistake from your recycle bin.