“Personal data only belongs to users. Foxintelligence never uses personal data for any commercial purpose.”

I - Foxintelligence’s mission

Foxintelligence is a company that develops web applications in order to save time and money to its users. Foxintelligence aims at automating everyday tasks that may be unpleasant and time-consuming such as, for instance, deleting commercial emails (newsletters and spam). At Foxintelligence, we take our users’ data security very seriously. Thus, we are diligently protecting your personal data in accordance with our customer promise, our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy as well as legislative and regulatory developments in this area.

II - Foxintelligence and personal data

The personal data collected by Foxintellingence only allows us to provide our services, improve them and send important notifications to our users. Foxintelligence undertakes never to sell your personal data to any third party. As a result, Foxintelligence does not use your personal data for external purposes (transfer or resale).

III - Foxintelligence and non-personal data

As part of its business, Foxintelligence may collect non-personal data. Non-personal data is data that has been priorly anonymized and which cannot be connected to a particular person. Foxintelligence only uses some non-personal data to produce statistics based on its users’ transactional emails. Theses statistics are completely anonymous and do not, in any particular way, enable one to individualize or deduct any information about a particular user. On the contrary, Foxintelligence’s statistics deal with generic categories of data about a particular subject.

IV - Foxintelligence and security

Foxintelligence uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol on all of its applications’ pages on which personal data may be collected. SSL has the effect of automatically encrypting all the data before it being sent to Foxintelligence through its services. Furthermore, Foxintelligence uses a technology that relies on Google and Hotmail API protocols, as well as IMAP and email synchronization. Thus, in the course of its business, Foxintelligence uses tokens generated by email providers which use API (Google and Hotmail). For IMAP (Yahoo and other email providers), Foxintelligence uses an encrypted proprietary system to anonymize all the user data collected via its platforms. Your personal data is safe on all the applications developed by Foxintelligence.