According to a new climate report, we only have 30 years left to live

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A catastrophic scenario worthy of the greatest american blockbusters. It’s the frightening conclusion of the report on the climate published by the Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration (BNCCR). Australian researchers are clear : if we don’t change how we behave, climate change will lead to the extinction of our species before 2050.

Ecological engagement are still too weak

Since the Paris Agreement on climate in 2016, the main objective concerning the rise of temperature is to stay lower than 2°C. One ambition that needs urgently concrete actions. However, on October 8th 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2001) published a worrying report simulating the consequences of the temperature rise of 1,5°C.

However, the conclusion of the IPCC is this time qualified as optimistic by BNCCR’s report, which declared that “even if the warming stop at 2°C, more than one billion people will be obliged to move and, in the most extreme forecast, the magnitude of the destruction seems to exceed our capacities of simulation, with a high probability of the end of the Human civilisation.”

An anarchy to predict

One billion people would be forced to leave unbearable conditions and two billions other would be confronted to a water shortage.

Moreover, according the Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration, the temperature should rise up to 3°C and not 2°C as evoked during the COP 21 preceding the Paris Agreement. One rise that would have consequences such as the destruction of Arctic and Amazonia ecosystem bystander the coral barrier. It won’t need more to spread dryness, famine and wreak havoc.

Is humanity living its last years ?

The conclusion of this report is that the only solution that is left is a general mobilisation. At first unrealistic sight, as long as wide disparities and conflicts are taking over the unity, collaboration and mutual assistance could turn out to be invaluable. Each of us future depends on it. We are living on the same planet, and it’s our duty to preserve our natural common habitat to assure the sustainability of Humanity.

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